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Darlene Fichter

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Internet Librarian 2002 Presentations

The Underpinnings: Usability Requirements for Virtual Services

The enabling technology and the technology skills of the librarians are critical to the success of virtual services.

Darlene Fichter discusses the results of a usability study of a live reference application, illustrating how the wording and placement of live reference buttons impact patrons' recognition, use, and awareness. Should you use a graphic or text link? What words have the greatest recognition? Does placement next to search boxes or search results increase usage? Fichter not only asks the questions—she offers some thougnght-provoking.

Research study was carrried out July/August 2002.

Promoting Writing for the Web - PowerPoint Slides - Strategies Libraries Can Use

How is writing for the Web different than writing for print media? The Web not only has unique capabilities, such as hypertext, but also unique requirements. User expectations must also be considered. Web writing varies with its purpose, whether it is for promotion, bibliographic instruction, or information sharing. What does it have in common with print writing for these same purposes?

Catherine Wells Dimenstein, a professional writer and author of five novels, outlines the do's and dont's for successful Web writing.

Darlene Fichter, a Web developer and "Intranet Librarian" columnist for ONLINE magazine, looks at classic mistakes with microcontent on library sites and talks about strategies for getting library staff to be Web-savvy writers.

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Blogging for Knowledge Exchange - PowerPoint Slides

Tired of hearing about blogs and think that they're irrelevant to intranets? Take a second look. Blogs are more than vanity presses filled with self-important hype.

Blogs are a natural vehicle for knowledge exchange, story telling and fostering online communities. Blogs offer unique viewpoints and an incubator for new ideas. Consider how blogging might be a useful adjunct for your intranet whether it's for fostering the exchange of ideas or as a marketing venue or a tool for news delivery.

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