Call #: Shortt FC3217.1 .R36R5
Author: Huel, Raymond Joseph Armand
Title: Louis Schmidt: A Forgotten Métis
Published: Winnipeg: Manitoba Métis Federation, 1979.
Notes: A biographical essay on Louis Schmidt (1844-1935), a Métis patriot. Huel traces his involvement in both resistances, as an active participant in 1869 and an observer in 1885. The change in his position seems to be based on his fear of losing his government job in the Lands Office. In addition, Schmidt was convinced that "Riel was doing the work of Satan."
Subject: Schmidt, Louis
Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870
Northwest Rebellion, 1885 - History
Journal: Riel and the Métis: Riel Mini-Conference Papers. (ed.) A. S. Lussier. pp.93-107.

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