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High Quality Reproductions

The Courtney Milne collection includes tens of thousands of stunning photographs, including many that have already been prepared for gallery quality printing. University Archives & Special Collections can facilitate reproduction of these images for your own collection by providing high resolution digital file to a printing company/photo lab of your choice, subject to the fee schedule and conditions below.

Display size
License fee (including applicable taxes)
Up to 8x12”
Up to 16x24”
Up to 20x30”
Up to 28x42”
Up to 36x54”
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  • Please quote the exact image number when ordering. If you are requesting an image not currently available on this website, for example based on a book or another website, please provide as much information as possible (image title, URL, page numbers, etc.) so that we can locate the correct image.
  • The fee payable to the University Library is the licencing/permission fee. Printing costs are separate, and to be arranged directly between the client and printing company.
  • We can provide information about local companies that have reproduced Milne images in various formats, but the client is responsible for all arrangements with the printing company, shipping, etc., and we can take no responsibility for the final product.
  • Once the client has made arrangements with a printing company and the client has paid the reproduction fee, the Library will provide a high resolution image directly to the company.
  • Any image cleanup required is the responsibility of the client (working with the printing company or otherwise), but substantive changes to the image as provided must be cleared by the Library. Minor cleanup may be desirable in the case of images digitized from slides and which have not previously been prepared for printing.
  • A digital “Courtney Milne” signature can be provided on request, for the printing company to add to the image at the time of printing.