Collect and Share

We assist faculty who propose to collect or create a large number of digital research objects including documents, images, datasets, audio, or video. Our digital asset management system permits a distributed research team to upload, share, and describe digital objects of all kinds. Privacy settings allow team members to share objects within the team or openly on the web.

We also work with U of S Library collections to make research materials more openly available on the web.

We have a number of possibilities depending on your needs (there's a few examples below).

Contact us to see how we might help you manage, preserve, and share your digital objects.

Digital Assets in Action


Sask History Online

Saskatchewan’s unique and diverse cultural assets are also among the world’s most isolated and geographically dispersed for a digital initiative such as this. Along with content from libraries and archives, museums across Saskatchewan have been keen to contribute materials. This content, along with items from private collectors, historical societies and other information providers, make SHO the most diverse source of Saskatchewan related digitized cultural heritage content anywhere.

Intertidal Polyphonies

A SSHRC-funded study by Joanne Leow (Faculty Member in English at the University of Saskatchewan) of the waterfront developments and relevant cultural texts from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vancouver. This project examines the sonic materialities, poetics, and politics of reclaimed land in all three sites. The online resource consolidates this collaborative research. It features field recordings from these coastlines, interviews with artists and writers, literary readings, short films, and annotated bibliographies.