"I have a better idea of how to succeed in University when it comes to managing my time, note taking and writing, which were things I struggled with in High School."

- former JumpStart participant

What is JumpStart?

JumpStart Your Learning is designed to help you build university learning skills and gives you a chance to attend, participate, ask questions and socialize in a university setting ahead of the start of classes.


Please note: JumpStart's online sessions will not be recorded. If you are unable to attend at the time they are offered, our fall workshops will cover the same topics and many more. You can find this fall's offerings here.

2024 JumpStart

Online sessions

Aug. 14-16, 2024

This series of live online sessions will help you learn about university expectations, adapt to your new learning environment, and succeed at USask. Spanning three days, this online event is designed to suit your schedule as you can pick and choose what sessions interest you.

All sessions are free.
Intended audience:
First year students,
New graduate students,
Returning students.

Sample sessions

  • Professor panel,
  • Intro to university level writing,
  • Getting started in grad school,
  • and more!

Campus day

Aug. 17, 2024

We invite first year undergraduate students to join us on campus ahead of classes for JumpStart: Campus Day. This is an excellent opportunity to build the skills to prepare you for your first term and to attend, participate, ask questions and socialize in a university setting before classes start.

JumpStart Campus Day is free with limited spots available.
Intended audience:
First year students.

Sample sessions

  • Mock lectures,
  • Note-taking in university,
  • Undergraduate student panel,
  • and more!


 JumpStart 2024 will be Aug. 14-17.

Resources for new students

Self-guided modules to help you understand what it means to be a university learner in first year and beyond.

Self-guided modules to help you learn about the ethical policies of academia and understand why it is important to conduct yourself with honesty and integrity.

Self-guided modules to help you know what it takes to be a successful online learner.

Essential academic supports and services for first year students.

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Student testimonials

We asked participants what they found most useful about JumpStart and here's what they said

"The Professor Panel was amazing to be ​a part of. I learned a lot from all of the workshops attended."


"Amazing and Passionate presenters!​"

"I found the managing your time in university session ​ in particular to be quite helpful, as it presented some ​ information, tips, and strategies that I had not yet ​read anywhere else, which seemed as though they ​ would be very effective."

"Learning different strategies for note taking and studying and ​ that it's ok, and even preferred, to use different strategies ​ for different classes."

"Learning how to write based on the ​ different disciplines."

"When they mention that there are always resources available ​ to provide help for students who need support and show how ​ to access them."

High school students

University readiness workshops

Not sure if university is for you? A little worried about your next academic step? Book a JumpStart Your Learning session!

What we cover

  • University learning expectations,
  • Key skills for success in university,
  • Difference between a high school classroom and a university classroom.

What you'll take away

  • Feel confident about university,
  • Feel confident with new challenges,
  • Be familiar with academic supports.