Bessborough seen across the Saskatchewan River through the arches of the Broadway Bridge
Photo: Courtney Milne, 135-240

Artist's Views of Saskatoon

July - September 2022

Location: Link Gallery, Murray Library
Curator: Amy Putnam

The University Archives and Special Collections holds the archival materials of many distinguished and talented artists. Their correspondence, publications, art catalogues, research, and their documents relating to committees or organizations they contributed to can be found in these archives. But also, sometimes they donate their art as well.

Art that they choose to donate or was donated by others can be a valuable research tool and can tell us a lot about the artist's evolution in skill and style, or about the history of art in general. But art can also document the history of the objects and places it depicts.

Entrance to the Link Gallery

 In this exhibit the curator chose art from within the archives' holdings which reflects the city of Saskatoon, as the artists saw it. Through the lens of time and style, visiters to this exhibit can see Saskatoon through the artist's eyes.

Reflections of landscape and cityscape feature predominantly, though anonymous residents of Saskatoon do make appearances.

Display case with photographs by Joanne Abrahamson

Here is a list of the artists included in this exhibit. If you click on their names you will be taken to their archival entry in our database or to a digital project which features them and their work. There you can learn more about the artist and the materials we have in our holdings.

Joanne Abrahamson

Silhouette of downtown Saskatoon, the sunset reflecting in the river. 

Hans S. Dommasch

Display cabinet with a variety of photographs displayed.

Keith Ewart

A selection of photographes of buildings laid out on a display case.

 Terry Fenton

Photographs of paintings laid out on a display case.

Mac Hone

Paintings by Mac Hone in a display case.

Robert Newton Hurley

Watercolour painting of the College Building, University of Saskatchewan Campus 

Courtney Milne

Northern lights above Saskatoon night sky.

Fritz Stehwien

Line drawing by Fritz Stehwien in a display case.

Please contact the University Archives and Special Collections if you have any questions about the exhibit or if you would like to view any of the material (or related material) from this exhibit.
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