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Feature Events

Throughout the year we offer feature events that are not workshops.  View this page to learn about Virtual Write-Ins, Ask Me Anything Sessions, and more.

Undergraduate Students

Study and Exams Skills

Develop strong study skills to help you improve your academic performance.

Hone your academic writing skills. Throughout the year, we cover many topics, including organization, grammar, and thesis statements.
Build your research skills. Topics include developing research questions, strategic searching for information, and communicating your research results.
Citation Styles: APA, MLA, and Chicago
Learn the basics of citation and formatting in the four most common documentation styles. Ask your professor which style they prefer you to use.

Graduate Students

Transition to Grad School

Learn the skills necessary for succeeding in graduate school. Staff or fellow graduate students will show you the way!

These workshops are designed to support researchers in their scholarship and research activities. Workshops are typically led by librarians.

Learn the skills needed by graduate student writers. Undergraduate students are welcome to attend.

Citation Software
Learn the basics of citation management tools so that you can easily save, organize, and cite your references. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend.

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