About our collections

Manuscripts and archival collections

Photograph of handwritten documents inside a manila folder.

UASC manuscripts and archival collections include official records of the University of Saskatchewan, records donated by faculty members, and primary source materials donated by individuals and organizations both affiliated with and independent of the university.

Published works

Photograph of the spines of 6 antique, leather-bound books lined up on  a shelf.

UASC has extensive collections of rare and historical books and other printed material. Key strengths include publications about Canada, Saskatchewan, the western provinces, and northern regions. We also have collections that focus on specific subjects and collectors.

Other ways to explore our collections

Digital projects

UASC has been creating digital projects and virtual exhibits since the dawn of the web - over 50 at last count, including collaborations with other institutions. Most of these sites are thematic exhibits, while some feature comprehensive digitization of selected collections.


Our archival collections include over 13,000 photographs documenting the development of the university including images of faculty, students, alumni, buildings, equipment, events and activities. UASC collections also include images reflecting the research and avocational interests of faculty, groups and individuals associated with the university. 

University records

Archival records of the University of Saskatchewan include administrative and governance records of the university, records of campus organizations, and other resources such as architectural plans and multimedia recordings.

Thematic guides

UASC has created online guides to several of our thematic collections. 

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity
    Explore our large collection of materials relating to sexual and gender diversity, particularly focused on local perspectives.
  • John G. Diefenbaker Archives
    John G. Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada, Member of Parliament, and University of Saskatchewan alumnus and chancellor, bequeathed his extensive papers and books to the University of Saskatchewan. The John G. Diefenbaker fonds has been supplemented by more recent acquisitions of papers, books and memorabilia relating to the Diefenbaker legacy.
  • Doukhobors in Canada
    This is a select bibliography which highlights some of the material on Doukhobors that is held in the University Archives and Special Collections.