The aim of records management is:

  • to ensure all vital records are preserved;
  • to promote efficient filing practices;
  • to eliminate the ad hoc destruction of records; and
  • to ensure that all recorded information of permanent legal, administrative, or historical value is transferred to the University Archives on a regular basis.

A university records management policy was approved by the Board of Governors in December 2012, formalizing authority and responsibilities for ongoing work on records management. The University Records Committee approves retention and disposition schedules and other records management procedures, based on the approval process established by the Vice-President, Finance & Resources.

UASC is responsible for leading the development of retention and disposition schedules and related procedures and providing advice to university units about records management.

Records transferred to UASC will be appraised for their archival value. Ultimately, these records support historical research and help to inform ongoing planning and administrative decisions. UASC is the official “memory” of the University of Saskatchewan.

Please contact us before transferring records and see the sections below for more information. The university does not have a records centre and UASC is not in a position to accept records for short-term storage.

If you will need continuing access to records you intend to transfer, please discuss this with us in advance.

Retention schedules and policies

University Records

Archival records of the University of Saskatchewan include:

Administrative and governance records of the university

  • Board of Governors, University Senate and University Council
  • Records of the offices of President, Vice-Presidents, University Secretary and other senior officials
  • Records of colleges, departments, research centres and administrative units

Records of campus organizations

Other resources

  • Thousands of photographs of university people and places
  • Architectural plans and drawings of university buildings
  • Film, video, and sound recordings
UASC also acquires university publications, faculty publications and archival collections donated by faculty, staff and alumni.

Transferring university records

Before preparing files for transfer

  • Check the retention schedules. Some material may have already been identified as non-permanent records.
  • Unless you have already established regular transfers, contact us to discuss what you are planning to send. In some cases, we may want to arrange a site visit (e.g. if it is not clear what material should be included in the archival transfer). This will also allow us to ensure we have enough space to accommodate your shipment.

See additional information below for academic departments.

Physical transfer instructions

Records should be retained and transferred in their original format and file system. UASC will provide boxes (shipped flat, 8" wide / 20 cm deep when built). This size is required for health and safety considerations. Please call ahead to arrange box pickup.

When preparing your transfer, please provide a digital box/file list in Word or Excel. We do not have a standard format template but recommend you include the following information: 

  • File title/description (e.g. Faculty Council Minutes)
  • Date coverage (e.g. 2000-2003)
  • Total # of folders/containers, if needed (e.g. 2 folders, 3 binders)
  • Number each box sequentially 

 Packing instructions

Photograph of a properly labelled archival box for records retention.
  • Do not transfer hanging folders unless there is information on these folders that is difficult to transfer or regular folders have not been used and you are not in a position to refolder the material.
  • Contents of binders may be transferred to file folders, but only if the information on the binders is transcribed to the folders. Binders may be sent intact if necessary. If in doubt, please contact us.
  • Label and number your boxes at the front (not the side or top). The identification should be on the short side of the box, with the lid opening at the left, so that the information is visible when the boxes are on shelves. 

Completing the transfer

You are responsible for arranging and covering the cost of the transfer. Once you have boxes ready for shipping, please contact us at least one day in advance so we know to expect them and can provide any special instructions for Materials Handling (Facilities). We are not able to pick up your shipment but we can meet you at our loading dock.

Records of academic departments

UASC seeks to fully document the work of departments, usually through the following:

USask retention and disposition schedules: Financial records

  • Generally, routine budget materials will not be considered. These should be retained in the department for at least 7 years, but not transferred to UASC.
  • Exceptions may include contracts for equipment, leases, specific research, trusts, endowments, etc., including records of payments for scholarships or awards.
  • Correspondence and memoranda relating to budgets and budgeting exercises should be retained and transferred to UASC.
  • Internal (with other departments, university administration, etc.)
  • External (with colleagues nationally and internationally, affiliated organizations or associations, etc.)
  • Outreach (correspondence related to the work of the department and its research, with the general public, etc.)

USask retention and disposition schedules: Course evaluation records

  • If retained in the department, a single copy of all exams (blank - do not transfer exams completed by students).
  • Single copies of any teaching or reference materials compiled for students.
  • The official personnel file for faculty is held by the Dean’s office. The only materials relating to faculty transferred from departments to UASC should be unique items not duplicated within the Dean’s office file (e.g. correspondence from faculty while on sabbatical).
  • Departments should retain materials relating to sessional lecturers, particularly documentation concerning right of first refusal for teaching assignments.
  • The official personnel file for ASPA and CUPE is held by Human Resources. The only materials relating to staff transferred from departments to UASC should be unique items not duplicated within HR files.

USask retention and disposition schedules: Student records

  • The Office of the Registrar holds the official transcript. No student marks, written exams, etc. should be transferred from departments to UASC. 
  • Departments must retain final exams and tally sheets for one year. 
  • Other materials relating to students, including admission documents, counselling documents, graduation documents and financial documents should be retained by the department for periods between 4 and 7 years but are not considered permanently valuable records and should not be transferred to UASC. 
  • Should a department have materials they consider to be of permanent value relating to students, please contact us.
  • UASC retains a single copy of any departmental publication including promotional materials, brochures, materials relating to conferences organized by departments, departmental histories, concerts, outreach activities, etc.
  • UASC retains photographs, film, audio, video etc. relating to departmental activities, faculty, staff, students, research and outreach activities


Questions about records management? Contact us