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NVN media statements, intercepted command messages...
Date of Creation:
May 26, 1961
Date of Declassification:
October 27, 1976
Type of Document:
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
6 p.
NVN media statements, intercepted command messages, and the presence of a Hanoi-based clandestine communications network blanketing SVN prove Hanoi plays a guiding role in the current paramilitary and political offensive against Diem. The propaganda broadcasting manifesto of a "broad united front" of anti-US-Diem forces in SVN closely resembles speeches made at Third Congress of North Vietnamese Communist party. The majority of VC are recruited locally or are professionals who remained behind after the 1954 Geneva Agreements, but interrogation of captured VC indicates leadership by guerrillas infiltrating from NVN. Laos and Cambodia are favorite infiltration and liaison routes, and reports suggest collusion of Cambodian military. Statements of high-ranking North Vietnamese testify to aggressive designs on SVN and intent to achieve reunification through subversion.] [OCI?] Memorandum. May 26, 1961. 6 p. TOP SECRET. NO FORN. SANITIZED copy. Released Oct. 27, 1976.
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