World War II and the University of Saskatchewan - COTC service records

Please note: This information about students and alumni who served during World War II was transcribed from cards in the records of the University of Saskatchewan Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC). The information has not been checked against other sources, so it is possible that there are inaccuracies and/or missing names.

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Name College Degrees/Certificates Notes
Urton, Richard Engin BE 1943  
Usher, C.R. Arts, Engin AA Arts ?  
Vallance, N.S. Comm B.Acc 1939  
Van Haerlam, Walter Agro BSA 1943  
Van Vliet, W. Agro BSA 1939, MSc 1941  
Varley, Herbert Engin    
Verbeck, B. Comm B.Acc 1937  
Verbeke, Julien Comm    
Vicars, William Comm B.Acc 1931  
Vickers, E.H. Pharm certificate 1939  
Vigder, Joseph Arts BA 1934, MA 1938  
Virtue, W.W. Engin    
Vogel, C.A. Arts, Educ BA 1937, B.Ed 1940  
Vogt, D.D.      
Voloshin, P.C. Arts BSc 1936 ?  
Wachow, W.L. Engin    
Waddell, T.A.B. Arts, Engin    
Wagner, G.H.G. Arts BA 1938  
Wahn, I.G. Law LLB 1936 ?  
Wahn, J.D. Agro BSA 1942  
Wakeling, T.C. Arts    
Walker, D.E. Arts BA 1922  
Walker, R.H. Engin BE 1941  
Wallace, A.W. Arts BSc 1931 ?  
Wallace, Donald Arts - Regina    
Wallace, John Arts    
Wallace, R.M. Arts    
Walls, Alan Agro    
Walsh, A.C. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1936  
Walsh, L.D. Arts    
Walsh, W.E.      
Ward, G.M. Arts BSc 1932  
Ward, W.R. Agro    
Warder, Frank Agro BSA 1940  
Warick, J.A. Arts BA 1939  
Warning, Chas. Arts BSc 1936  
WArning, George Arts BA 1938  
Wasserman, L.      
Waterman, Leah Home Ec BHSc 1940 ?  
Watkins, L.W. Agro    
Watkinson, A.P. Arts, Comm    
Watley, John Arts BA 1939 ?  
Watson, D.J. Arts BA 1941  
Watson, Russell Arts, Agro BSA 1943  
Waugh, T.H. Arts BA 1932  
Waywell, C.G. Agro    
Wearing, John Arts, Educ BA 1934, certificate Educ 1936  
Weaver, Harold Arts, Agro    
Webb, A.W. Engin    
Weber, M.P.F. Arts - St. Peter's    
Weber, P.A. Engin BE 1940  
Webster, G.F. Engin BE 1942 ?  
Weckman, C.L. Engin BE 1940  
Wedge, Edward Comm B.Acc 1938 ?  
Wedge, H.G. Arts BA 1940  
Wedge, J.B. Comm B.Acc 1944 ?  
Wedgewood, J.A. Engin BE 1941  
Weir, A.G. Law    
Weir, D.H. Arts, Law BA 1940  
Weir, John Agro BSA 1937  
Weir, W.C. Engin BE 1936  
Weir, William Pharm certificate 1942  
Welch, A.P. Engin BE 1941  
Wellbelove, J.A. Agro    
Wellington, J.R. Engin BE 1942  
Wells, D.E. Comm B.Acc 1943  
Wells, Kenneth Engin    
Wells, Robert      
Wells, S.R. Comm    
Wenger, John Arts - Campion    
Wenhardt, A. Agro BSA 1944 ?  
Wenhardt, E.W. Engin    
Wensley, W.E. Engin    
Wenyer, J. Arts    
Werbiski, J.S. Pharm BSP 1937  
Werry, Elmer Arts    
Werthenbach, F. Arts    
Wesson, G.H. Agro    
West, K.A. Arts BA 1942  
West, R.C. Arts, Engin    
Western, M.A. Arts BA 1936  
Westgate, M.M. Arts    
Weston, Robert Engin    
Whatley, J.M. Arts BA 1939  
Wheaton, D.H. Engin    
Whelen, R.R. Comm    
Wheten, W.A. Engin BE 1938  
Whewell, E.F. Agro BSA 1936  
White, J.E.     not certain if John Earl or John Elmer
White, J.J. Engin BE 1925  
White, R. Engin    
White, W.L. Pharm certificate 1933  
Whitman, D.L. Arts, Law BSc 1936, LLB 1939  
Whitman, R.L. Arts, Med BSc 1936, certificate Med 1936  
Whitney, W.H. Agro BSA 1943 ?  
Whittaker, H.S. Pharm certificate 1942  
Whittaker, J.T.      
Whittington, F.C. Arts - Emm    
Whittles, James Arts    
Whitworth, Fred Arts BA 1927 ?  
Wickenden, Horace Arts BA 1929  
Wicklow, Adam      
Wiebe, J.P. Engin    
Wiens, J.K. Agro    
Wiens, P.G. Engin    
Wiley, H.J. Arts    
Wilkes, Russell Arts - Emm    
Wilkinson, C.W. Arts BSc 1933  
Wilkinson, G.A. Pharm BSP 1933  
Wilkinson, G.L. Agro    
Wilkinson, Kenneth Engin BE 1934  
Williams, F.D.M.      
Williamson, H. Arts BSc 1934, MSc 1938  
Williamson, Robert Engin    
Willing, V. Arts    
Willis, Douglas Engin BE 1934  
Wilsinson, T.W.      
Wilson, A.H. Agro    
Wilson, A.H.B. Pharm    
Wilson, Arthur Arts BA 1933  
Wilson, C.G. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934  
Wilson, Carl Arts - St. A's    
Wilson, D.R. Arts, Med BA 1937, certificate Med 1939  
Wilson, E.K. Arts    
Wilson, J.T. Arts BSc 1933  
Wilson, Mary Arts, Educ BA 1930  
Wilson, R.J. Arts BA 1940  
Wilson, R.W. Arts BA 1939  
Wilson, Ross Arts - Regina    
Wilson, W.M. Agro BSA 1940  
Windsor, C.L. Arts BA 1943 ?  
Winter, H.L. Arts BA 1922  
Winterton, B.J.      
Winterton, W.M. Arts    
Winthrope, W.J. Arts, Med BSc 1932, certificate Med 1933  
Winton, J.O. Pharm certificate 1921  
Wismer, R.W. Pharm certificate 1939  
Witiw, David Engin    
Witney, B.L. Arts    
Wood, G.M. Engin    
Wood, J.W. Arts, Law BA 1934, LLB 1936  
Wood, James Pharm certificate 1941  
Wood, K.M. Arts BA 1931  
Wood, L.P.      
Wood, Winona Arts, Educ BA 1929, B.Ed 1932  
Woodard, T.H. Comm    
Woodbury, Donald Engin    
Woodger, W.L.      
Woodley, D Engin    
Woodman, D.F. Arts    
Woods, Mervyn Arts, Law LLB 1937  
Woods, S.B. Arts BA 1944 ?  
Wooff, John Arts, Educ BA 1927, certificate Educ 1928, B.Ed 1930, MA 1939  
Woolard, R.A. Arts, Law BA 1940  
Woolhouse, F.M. Arts, Med BSc 1933, certificate Med 1933  
Woollard, James Arts BA 1940  
Wooton, F.E. Engin BE 1921  
Wopnford, M.E. Engin    
Worobetz, P.J. Arts, Educ BA 1939, B.Ed 1941  
Worobetz, Stephen Arts, Med BSc 1935, certificate Med 1937  
Wray, Douglas Comm    
Wrenshall, C.A. Engin BE 1938  
Wrenshall, G.G. Arts BA 1938  
Wright, D.J. Arts BA 1940, honors cert. 1941  
Wright, John Arts BSc 1938 ?  
Wright, R.J. Arts, Educ BA 1938, certificate Educ 1938  
Wright, Wilbur Engin BE 1934  
Wycherley, Ronald Pharm certificate 1940  
Wyler, Eugene Agro BSA 1941  
Wylie, D.G.      
Wylie, E.B. Law LLB 1934  
Wylie, John Engin    
Wylie, L.H. Engin BE 1944 ?  
Wylie, Miriam Arts BA 1935  
Wylie, Richard Engin BE 1937  
Wyness, Margaret Home Ec BHSc 1933 ?  
Yorsh, R.I. Arts BA 1941  
Young, Chas. Arts, Engin BSc 1935, BE 1937  
Young, Harold      
Young, Hugh Arts BA 1943  
Young, J.E. Engin    
Young, J.E.M. Educ B.Ed 1940, M.Ed 1941  
Young, J.R.W. Agro BSA 1939, MSc 1942  
Young, R.A. Arts    
Young, Robert Arts, Educ BSc 1932, certificate Educ 1933  
Young, Sid. Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1937  
Young, W.A. Arts BA 1937  
Youngquist, A.H. Arts    
Zaitlen, A. Comm B.Acc 1933  
Zbarsky, Ralph Arts    
Zeman, Frank Engin    
Zeman, Helen Arts, Med BSc 1931, BA 1942  
Zeman, Konrad Arts    
Zerebko, Andrew Engin BE 1941 ?  
Zinchesin, W.J. Arts BA 1940  
Zuck, D. Agro    
Zunti, J.J. Agro AA 1939