Register for DDLS

All distance and distributed users must register with their current shipping address to request materials through the library. 

Get library resources


  1. Make sure you are registered for DDLS
  2. Login to the library website in the top right corner of your screen using your NSID and password
  3. Find a book in the catalogue
  4. Once you find the book you want, click on the blue Request Hold button at the top of the page
  5. Choose Distance Learners as your pick up location, and click GO!
  6. On the next page, click REQUEST SELECTED ITEM
  7. Repeat the same steps for each book you request

Journal articles

If you find an article that is only available in print we can send a copy to you.

  1. Make sure you are registered for DDLS
  2. For each article you want to request record the following information: 
    • Author(s)
    • Article title
    • Journal title
    • Volume, issue, year, & page numbers
  3. Complete the article request form

What happens next?


The library will mail your requested books and a prepaid return mailing label to your registered shipping address. 

Returning books

You are responsible for returning your borrowed books to the library using the enclosed prepaid return mailing label. 

How long can I keep my borrowed books?

Borrowing periods vary. When you get the books in the mail check the due date. If you need to keep it longer, contact us to renew. In-library-use-only materials are not mailed out.

Journal articles

A temporary link to download the article will be sent to your U of S email address. 

The file download is only accessible for 5 days from the time you first open the attachment but you can download and save a copy for your personal use. You should open the email attachment within 30 days of receipt, after 30 days your request will expire. 

If the library doesn't have what you need

If the materials you need are not available through the University Library you can use our interlibrary loan service to request them. Visit interlibrary loan for more details.

If you are travelling or located near one of our partner universities you may be able to borrow from their library. Find out more about reciprocal borrowing.  

Get Help


Resources for DDLS clients

There are many resources available to help DDLS clients access library materials and services.