Visit our libraries today and you’ll see students contributing to animated group project discussions, intently searching for the perfect journal article to cite in their research paper, taking part in math and writing workshops, making copies (yes, students still use photocopiers!), reading course content or leisure reading, and enjoying a well-deserved coffee break.

As vital as our libraries are, the unfortunate reality is that we face financial challenges in providing this critical service. This makes for an uphill battle to continue to provide the essential resources, spaces, and technology for U of S students. However, your investment in the University Library can make a significant and lasting impact.

Students studying in the Science Library

How does my gift help the library?

Our perpetual goal is to modernize our facilities and resources to meet the current needs and habits of our students. Your generosity will help advance initiatives that are part of the University Library Master Plan which details opportunities to revitalize, refurbish and re-imagine all seven branches on campus. So far, some of the many changes have included:

  • New carpet, tables, chairs, and quiet study tables added to the sixth floor of Murray Library
  • Renovation of the ground floor of Murray Library, including new study spaces with electrical outlets
  • A new quiet study space created on the third floor north wing of the Murray Library
  • Revamped shared spaces in the Engineering Library, resulting in a 50% increase in student use

The University Library also prides itself on inclusivity in learning. Gifts to the library have helped with the purchase of a braille printer, as well as a refurbishment of exam space and the Assistive Technology Room, which provides students with disabilities access to enhanced technology.

The support of our donors has also assisted in the very successful Late Night Study initiative. During this program, the ground floor of the Murray Library is open for student study space after the rest of the library closes. The Late Night Study program is a partnership between the USSU and the University Library and is open to all U of S students. Donor support ensures that students can be hired to help the program operate during peak study periods and your help will ensure that the Late Night Study program can continue to provide this popular service for all students.

Students spend crunch time, down-time, and study time at the library. It’s time to make our libraries a priority.

Your gift to the University Library will help to keep our libraries modern, innovative and thriving.